They say that the best way to make sure you have good neighbors is to have a good fence. With fencing from JB Fence Pros, you can have good neighbors, good security, and a good looking property at an affordable price.

JB Fence Pros is the place to go for all types of fencing, whether you want to keep things in or keep people out. Our pros are trained and experienced to make fence installation a breeze. We are dedicated to meeting all your expectations and specifications, because our job is your satisfaction.

The professionals at JB Fence Pros have earned a reputation for prompt service and strict attention to detail. Because of our knowledgeable staff, we can point out the pluses and minuses involved in each style of fence available to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Our products include:

  • Picket fencing– This is what people think of when they dream of the American Dream. In addition to being attractive, the picket fence will keep pets and children safe while delineating your property line. There are a myriad of styles, and many use synthetic material that will withstand weathering and won’t require painting for worry free maintenance.
  • Wood fencing– Stockade-style fencing provides privacy along with security. The fencing is of varying heights and can be topped with decorative finishes. Fence posts are pressure treated to stand up to ground contact and are set in concrete.
  • Chain link fencing– Because of its relatively low cost, ease of installation and its transparency factor, this is one of the most popular types of fencing for farms, residences, and commercial property. The chain link allows the sun in for plants while keeping intruders out. It’s also useful for keeping large farm animals and pets corralled.
  • Pool fencing– Local governments are increasingly requiring that pools be enclosed by some type of fence for the safety of children who might accidentally wander onto the property and fall in. JB Fence Pros can secure your pool while maintaining the style and look of the pool area.
  • Vinyl fencing– This type of synthetic fencing can help contain and protect livestock while withstanding the trials time has on other types of utility fencing.
  • Aluminum, Iron, Steel fencing– Each material brings its own good points, depending on the ultimate need of the buyer. Iron and steel, for example, are both more durable than aluminum. But aluminum handles weathering better and could be recommended for installation in areas that would be difficult for the heavier materials. Iron is less durable than steel, but can take a punch much better and is more resistant to vibration and shock in well-traveled areas. Steel, because it is hard to break through, could be the choice when keeping people out is prime.

Whatever style you choose, JB Fence Pros can help you with design and layout as well as installation. We also will help you select the type of gate that is most appropriate, whether it will be for foot traffic or vehicles.

You can depend on JB Fence Pros for affordable, professional fencing installation. Contact us for a consultation or an estimate.